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About Us

Most seniors and people with disabilities prefer to live in their own homes and direct their own care. The Public Authority is committed to supporting the independence of consumers and providing an opportunity for IHSS consumers and workers to improve the IHSS program. We promise to operate accessible, respectful and compassionate services to support a high-quality workforce and help IHSS consumers successfully navigate the IHSS program.

The Public Authority for IHSS is a public agency that is separate from the County IHSS program, and, since 1995, has been providing services to IHSS consumers and care providers that supplement IHSS. The Alameda County Board of Supervisors is our Governing Body.

The Public Authority is mandated by the State:

  • to operate a home care registry that refers screened workers to IHSS consumers;
  • to serve as employer of record, bargaining with the union representing the IHSS workforce and providing health benefits to eligible IHSS providers;
  • to provide training to IHSS consumers and providers;
  • to establish an Advisory Board that makes recommendations to improve IHSS and Public Authority services.

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    Our mission is to give IHSS consumers a voice in how services are provided, to improve the availability and quality of IHSS, and to support services that enhance the lives of seniors and persons with disabilities who choose to live independently and with dignity in their own homes.

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    For information about the IHSS program, including eligibility and payroll, go to the IHSS Information Page.