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The Public Authority, through its staff and Advisory Board, supports and advocates for public policy that maintains and improves services that help seniors and people with disabilities live safe, healthy, independent lives by engaging in efforts to influence and educate legislators, the public and public institutions. Our advocacy includes public education, meeting and communicating with legislators and government officials, providing stories and information to the media, mailings, attending and testifying at hearings, and participating with the advocacy efforts of other organizations.

The Public Authority for IHSS in Alameda County has an Advisory Board, whose members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Board meetings are open to the public. View the Advisory Board page to find out more about its role, scheduled meetings, agendas, minutes, and members.

Public Authority Advisory Board Chair, Michelle Rousey, Speaks Out about the “restoration” of services.

When I first heard that the cuts had been restored I was grateful - until I found out that it was only for a year. If the state doesn’t find a permanent funding source for the IHSS program then we will be right back living with the hardship of the 7% cut. I don’t know about you but that makes me angry. There needs to be an enduring solution. We need to contact our elected representatives and let them know that we need a permanent funding stream for the IHSS program. And no more cuts for the IHSS program. Not now or in the future. I don't know about you but I'm tired of being the one that is being cut and having to decide which of my services to not do today. It's inhumane. No one should be asked to not have the care they really need.  Please join me, write a letter, make a phone call or visit your legislator in person. We all need to Speak Out.  Thank you, Michelle Rousey

Legislation on IHSS

Find IHSS-related legislation of interest on the California Association of Public Authorities’ website at

Advocacy Organizations

The World Institute on Disability has a great list of advocacy organizations on their website at


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    Watch these two empowering and informative videos which give a snapshot of the life and advocacy of longtime disability rights activist, and former Public Authority Advisory Board member, Mark Beckwith. Daniel Mcgrath, Mark's provider of 8 years filmed and produced this video for his senior thesis. Thanks to Mark and Daniel for allowing us to spotlight it here. It is a powerful example of collaboration between consumers and providers in the IHSS community.

    Gaining Momentum Part 1 featuring Mark Beckwith

    Gaining Momentum Part 2 featuring Mark Beckwith