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Health Benefits for IHSS Providers
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Health Benefits for Homecare Workers

Am I eligible for benefits?

To qualify:

  • You must be issued checks totaling 160 hours over 2 consecutive months, with at least 1 hour in each month.
    • Advanced-pay workers are eligible as well.
    • Spouses and dependents are not eligible

Enrollment & Wait Period

  • Don’t wait! Enroll now. There is up to a 90-day wait period that begins when you submit your enrollment form. Please call and we’ll be happy to mail an application to you, or stop by and pick up an application in the lobby. The number to request an application is (510) 777-4202, select option 7.
  • Don’t wait until after you are paid to complete the application, complete it today. You will receive a benefit confirmation letter when you have met eligibility requirements.

Checks issued
for 80 hours

Checks issued
for 80 hours

Application received
by 10th


Checks issued
for 159hours

Checks issued
for 1 hour

Application received
by 10th



Please note: Applications must be received by the 10th of the month to begin the wait period in that month.

Your check issue date (at the top of your paycheck stub) must show in the State’s payroll data base in order for you to get “credit” for those paid hours. For example: if your check issue date is September 15th, you’ll be “credited” in the month of September for those paid hours.

Monthly Premiums (What comes out of your paycheck)

  • $20.00 per month - includes medical, dental (HMO style) and vision.
  • $45.00 per month - includes medical, dental (PPO style) and vision.

The last two months coverage are prepaid during the first 10 months of coverage.

  • HMO participants will pay $24.00 per month for the first 10 months and
  • PPO participants will pay $54.00 per month for the first 10 months.

Some examples of benefits

Alameda Alliance for Health

Medical Benefits

  • A personal doctor (primary care provider) office visit ($10 co-pay)
  • Preventive care (no co-pay)
  • X-rays and other diagnostic tests (no co-pay)
  • Inpatient care ($100 per admission))
  • Family planning (no co-pay)
  • Advice nurse, health education, and audio health library (no co-pay)
  • Prescription drugs ($10-$15 co-pay per prescription)
  • Emergency care ($35 co-pay, but $0 if admitted to the hospital)
  • Specialty care ($10 co-pay)
  • Mental health services ($10 for outpatient services, $100 co-pay for inpatient care)
Delta Dental

Dental Benefits

  • A choice between two dental plans:
  • HMO style plan
  • PPO style plan
  • Most preventive medical care and basic dental exams, teeth cleaning and x- rays are FREE!
EyeMed Vision Care

Vision Benefits

  • Vision services – including eye exams
  • Glasses OR contact lenses

Additional Co-pays

You’ll pay an additional amount (a co-payment) when you receive certain health, dental and vision services.

  • Specialty care ($10 co-pay)
  • Mental health services ($10 for outpatient services)

What happens to my Health Benefits if I stop working?

Continuation of Coverage (COBRA)

  • If you lose your benefits with In Home Supportive Services due to not meeting eligibility requirements, you may be eligible to continue your same coverage with COBRA for up to 18-36 months. You will receive more information on COBRA during the last month of your grace period.


  • Remember: Your eligibility could be at jeopardy if you do not turn in your timesheets on time! We base your eligibility on paid hours data and the check issue date, not the hours worked. Please submit your timesheets as soon as the pay period ends.

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    Wait Period

    Important Numbers

    Alameda Alliance for Health
    (510) 747-4567

    Delta Dental PPO
    (800) 765-6003

    Delta Care/HMO
    (800) 422-4234

    EyeMed Vision
    (866) 723-0514

    Public Authority/Health Benefits Enrollment Specialist
    (510) 577-3551