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In order to better serve the IHSS consumer, the Registry maintains a list of pre-screened homecare workers who are ready to work for IHSS consumers. If you are an IHSS consumer looking for a provider to work for you, the Registry can assist you with this process by sending you a list of providers. If you are a homecare worker ready to be added to the Public Authority Registry referral list, see if you fit the Registry’s criteria.


We offer IHSS homecare workers and consumers a variety of workshops, classes and discussion groups where they can learn more about how IHSS works, their responsibilities and how to provide better care. Find a list of offerings on the Training Page and printed educational materials on the Publications Page . (If you are looking for the IHSS mandatory orientation, find details on the IHSS Information Page.

Health Benefits

In Home Supportive Services offers health benefits to healthcare workers, click here to find out more!


Our free publications keep IHSS consumers and homecare workers informed about the IHSS program and best practices for care-giving and supervision of homecare workers. Publications include brochures, handbooks, factsheets and newsletters – printed and electronic.




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